Met Gala 2016: Favorite Looks

My 12 favorite looks from the 2016 Met Gala exude not only sheer fashion genius but also so brilliantly portray this year’s theme: “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” From sleek cut-outs paralleling technological minimalism to shimmery metallics echoing the “Silicon” in Silicon Valley, these red carpet dresses are totally machine couture. PicMonkey Collage

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Thanksgiving Roundup

If you know me at all, then you know that Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday ever, ranked far above birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and even Christmas. There’s nothing better then getting together with your loved ones to celebrate all your good fortunes with tons of wonderful homecooked food.

Last Thanksgiving, I stayed in New York and made all the sides from scratch…


IMG_5572IMG_5570This year I’m headed home to celebrate with my family, including my baby nephew. The menu has old favorites from last time:

as well as one new addition: a cheesy hasselback potato casserole in lieu of mac & cheese and mashed potatoes

If you need some more recipe inspiration, try the Thanksgiving recipe series from last year:

What do you guys have planned? Any must-try recipes?


With love from NYC,


Best Movie of the Year

This past Sunday, I treated myself to a #masturdate or the art of going on a date by yourself. I walked across Central Park and had brunch at Nice Matin on the Upper West before getting a tension-relieving hour-long massage. I capped off my masturdate with a movie at Lincoln Center and now I can’t stop raving about what I watched.

In Room, Brie Larson plays Ma, a 24 year old woman who was abducted 7 years ago. While held hostage in her kidnapper’s shed, she bears a child, 5 year old Jack, and struggles to create normalcy for him in the 10 by 10 ft space she names “Room.” The movie navigates the physical, emotional and psychological manifestations of raising a child in that situation and then also the complexities following their rescue.

The movie was phenomenally executed. From a pretty much perfect script written with eyeopening psychological nuances to breathtakingly good acting both by Larson and Jacob Tremblau, who plays Jack, Room was just an all-around winner.

I’m pretty sure I could hear every person in my movie theatre sobbing during this movie, and not in the cheesy way. In fact, I’m tearing up just writing this review :'(


5 Best Workouts in NYC

Soul-CycleBest spin class – SoulCycle

SoulCycle takes the cake hands-down, no-questions-asked for best spin class in the City. I’ve tried Flywheel, Equinox, and Peloton Cycle and there’s just no comparison. From insanely well-choreographed moves to the team, or as some people call it, cult mentality, SoulCycle always leaves me with a rush of euphoria at the end of a class. It honestly feels like I’m clubbing on a bike when I get really into the beat of the music and rhythm of the ride.

120904071731-equinox-fitness-tabata-class-story-topBest High Intensity Interval Training class(es) – Equinox

I really enjoy all of Equinox’s HIIT classes but my favorites have to be:

Elimin8tor: It’s a game where no one’s the winner. You start with 8 exercises, each aptly written on a circle and stuck to the mirror. After the first round, whoever finishes first is allowed to take down one of the circles. Then you do the 7 remaining moves and another is taken down and so on.

Stacked: Conducted in a suicide style manner, you do 2 “stacks” of 6 targeted exercises. For example, you’ll start with a round of pushup tricep dip combos, then repeat that and add a round of bicep curl lunge combos, then do those two exercises again and add a round of sandbell toe touches, and so forth. Do I sound like I’m speaking a foreign language because that’s what it feels like.

Tabata: Alternating 20 seconds of all-out effort with 10 seconds of rest, the class usually goes through 8 different exercises. And trust me, 20 seconds is an eternity when it’s a one-legged weighted squat that jumps straight into a burpee. Who even knew that could be done?!?

yoga-to-the-peopleYoga studio – Yoga to the People

There’s a ton of fancy-schmancy yoga studios in the City but I actually prefer the donation-based Yoga to the People classes, with 5 locations in Manhattan and another in Brooklyn. I love that the flow-based class is all about how you feel. Whether it’s stress-relieving chants of “H-A” which means sun, this new wave yoga class is all about feeding your soul.

origBoxing & Martial Arts – B Warrior Martial Arts Academy

Once upon a time, I signed up for a Muay Thai class on Classpass after watching a few too many Rhonda Rhousey YouTube videos. I had no idea this was going to be one of the most brutal workouts of my life. There was one point where I thought I was going to pass out after doing 20 sets of roundhouse suicide kicks. That’s 110 kicks! I couldn’t walk for about a week afterwards but that just reassured me that this is one of the best classes to get sculpted and burn calories so I went back for more. I’ve been going regularly ever since.

9736Running Trails – Hudson River and East River

Central Park is a runner’s classic but I like to journey off-the-beaten path and head towards the water. When I lived on Upper West, I fell in love with the serenity and fresh smells of running along the Hudson River on the West Side Highway/Riverside Dr (pictured). Now that I’m living on the East Side, I’ll do weekend runs along the East River and crossover the bridge to Ward’s Island which feels so far away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

With love from NYC,


Would you want to know when you’ll meet your soulmate?


If you were given the option of knowing when you’d meet your true love, would you take it? My favorite blogger, Joanna Goddard, once wrote:

A while ago, I heard [a] great quote: “If you knew you were going to meet the love of your life in one year, how different would that year be?” That awesome quote reveals how much we sometimes worry about our dating lives when we could be relaxing and enjoying other parts of our lives.

But I’m the biggest worrier in the world and I think it really would be nice to know that if you’re single, you aren’t going to die alone, and if you’re already with someone that either, a. that person is “the one” and that you can work out all your problems, or b. he or she isn’t and your issues are unrepairable or unbearable.

Or maybe that’s just my neurotic anxiety talking.

With love from NYC,


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